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Nature of Business

The Company produces and distributes roofing products, boards and ceilings, siding boards, and other roof accessories and non-roof products as well as being a service provider for roof stripping and installation under the trademark names of Diamond, Roof, Adamas, and Jearanai. The Company’s five main groups of products are as follows.

  1. Roofing Product Group is divided into 2 categories as follows.
    • Fiber Cement Tile Group, namely Roman Tiles, Small Corrugated Tiles, Jatulon Tiles, Jearanai Tiles and Fiber Cement Ridges, etc.
    • Concrete Tile Group, namely CT Diamond, Adamas and Concrete Ridges, etc.

  2. Board and Ceiling Product Group, namely Boards, Ceiling or “Diamond Board”, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or “Diamond Block”, Lintel or “Diamond Lintel” and Kitchen Counter or “Diamond Counter”, etc.
  3. Siding Board Product Group, namely Siding Boards, Lathes, Eaves, Fences and Floor Plank, etc.
  4. Special Products Group, consisting of 2 product groups as follows:
    • Roof Accessory Group, namely Heat Insulators, Foils, Bird Guards and Mortar Paint, etc.
    • Non-Roof Product Group, namely Truss, Beam, Purlins and Gypsum Boards, etc.

  5. Roof stripping and installation services comprises of truss, roof and siding board product group by the team of experts and installation teams who have received training and examination from the Company to build confidence for the customers that whenever the Company’s product is purchased, there will be good and effective installation and after-sales services, which can be summarized as follows.
    • Installation service from the central part stationing at Saraburi Plant who are experts normally work on housing projects, etc.
    • Installation service in the local part stationing at the distribution agents throughout the Country by local technicians whom have been trained and examined on knowledge and skills on installation of roof, truss and siding board group of products professionally, capable of transferring their knowledge to other local technicians, creating job and revenue for the people in the surrounding communities, including recommendation on the correct methods for disposal of wastes or scraps from work to help reduce air pollution.