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Investor Relations
Vision, Mission and Values

Vision : "To Be a Better Choice for Construction Materials and Services"

Mission : “We are in the business of production and distribution as well as providing services relating to roofing tiles, boards and accessories. We believe that operating business with ethics and social responsibility is fundamental for serving the needs and expectations of our customers, employees, society and shareholders, leading to the success of our mission.”

  • For our customers, we shall deliver quality products and design differentiation with value and competitive pricing by utilizing modern technology and offering excellent services to the customers with our strong distribution channels and effective management.
  • For our employees, we shall build and promote an environment of learning and well-being of employees as well as their families in order to allow the employees to achieve their fullest potential.
  • For our society, we shall support and help the society that we live in to have good quality of life by realizing that the society is an important mechanism for promoting and pushing forward the Company for its existence and sustainable development.
  • For our shareholders, we shall create financial return with continuous growth and stability.

Core Values : "We shall be diligent, focused at work, accountable, strive toward success and excellence in order to maintain balance of interest fairly for all stakeholders. We shall operate in unity with honesty and transparency, promote learning and sharing, and continue with unceasing development in order to achieve superior differentiation, as well as care for the society, community and environment for sustainable value generation."

The abbreviation, “D-BUILDS” is defined as “Determined, Transparent, Yearning for Development,Environmental Protection”, having the meaning for each character of the abbreviation as follows:

D - Diligence : Being focused in achieving success with account ability, work diligence and determination.
B - Balance :

Insisting on maintaining the balance of interest for all stakeholders with fairness.

U - Unity : Believing that unity will bring on success.
I - Integrity : Holding fast to honesty and transparency which will lead to excellence.
L - Learning : Promoting learning and sharing to become intellect and good person accepted by the society.
D - Differentiation : Unceasing development for superior differentiation.
S - Social Responsibility : Caring for the society, community and environment for sustainable value generation.

Objectives and Goals

The Board of Directors has established objectives and goals of the Company by considering business that can generate values for the Company, stakeholders, and the society. Many aspects are considered, including the environment, changing factors, utilization of innovations and technologies, the needs of customers and stakeholders, readiness, skills, and competitiveness of the Company as follows.


  1. The Company shall produce and sell roofing products, board and ceiling products, siding board products, as well as roof accessories and non-roof products. The Company shall also offer roof stripping and installation services under the trademarks of Diamond brand, Adamas brand, and Jearanai brand, as well as creating innovations as better alternatives for construction material and services.
  2. The Company shall operate its business for competitiveness, good operating results, and sustainable growth.
  3. The Company shall operate its business with ethics, transparency, respect and accountability to the rights of shareholders and all stakeholders, as well as contributing to the society and minimizing environmental impact, while being adaptable under changing conditions.
  4. The Company shall promote communication, bolstering the objectives and goals of the Company as the guidelines for decision making and operations of employees at every level to foster the corporate values.

Main Goals

  1. Sales and Marketing Emphasis is put on continuous growth, looking after both domestic and export customers in order to retain existing customer base and steadily increase new customer base, creating balance of benefits with mutual agreement of income based on fairness, as well as continuous development of customers to increase competitiveness and also to build sustainable business development.
  2. Production and Engineering Emphasis is put on effective and flexible production planning in accordance with the marketing plan, supporting the marketing side by development of new products or improvement of current products to have more variety in such colors, sizes, looks and features in order to meet consumers’ demand and maintain the level of cost to stay competitive.
  3. Human Resource  Focus on building and preparing the personnel within the organization to strictly adhere to honesty and transparency, caring for their quality of life and safe living by development of knowledge and capability in both manufacturing and marketing skills, in order to be ready to propel the organization toward its success and excellence to support sustainable growth in both domestic and export markets.
  4. Accounting and Finance Committed on adequate financial management by sourcing low-cost loans to support the business operation as per the objectives, main goals, strategies, work plan, and annual budget. The financial reports and analyses are also correctly prepared, accountable and in compliance with generally accepted accounting standards. This is to enable quick decision making from the executives, and reliable disclosure of financial and non-financial information.